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Dream Maze

    I am looking for someone to take over this web site and keep it updated with new info as needed. If you believe that you are the person for the job then contact me at 619-403-4243 or send email to david@praisenet.com
    You must be a web designer and show me some of your work and also have a love for FCF.
    -- David Detiege -- WhiteHorse --

    We dedicate this web site to the Frontiersmen of days gone by. Those brave men who set out on an adventure to make our land a safer place for all who would follow, Survival was won because they had the right tools and they knew how to use them.

    Here at FCFWORLD you will find the tools that you will need to further achieve your goal and while you are doing so, may you change lives along the way and, before every adventure remember to give thanks to Him who gave us this great land and made us to be caretakers over it. -- WhiteHorse --


Please send comments and suggestion to: whitehorsefcfworld.com

Thanks to everyone for all of your generosity and prayers over these 29 years. I will continue to serve the Royal Rangers throughout many more years in my emeritus status. I ask you to pray and support your new FCF president Rick Dostal.
Thank You,
Fred "Hawkeye" Deaver - National FCF President Emeritus

This website has been and will conitune to be one of my favorite sites to visit. Thank you for doing a great job on making this website for all of us, who are in the Royal Rangers program.
Mike Curran (Running Wolf) Outpost3