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Berry Surprise

1 Qt. Of your favorite berries ( mine's Cherries fresh if possible ) or 3 # 8 cans of berry filling or packed in water.
1 Box of Betty Crocker white cake mix. ( make from scratch if you're a purest).
1 Cube of butter or margarine
1 small box of sugar free Jello of the berry flavor you are using. cup lemon juice.

(Berry Surprise cont.) Preparation:

1. Coat the bottom and sides of your oven with butter/margarine.
2. Pour your berries in the bottom. ( drain water packed berries except for one can.)
3. If you are using fresh berries add a cup of water to berries along with cup of sugar.
4. Mix your Cake mix to specifications add lemon juice to mix.
5. Pour a layer of cake mix to just cover.
6. Tear a corner in the Jello pouch and pour a little swirl on mix.
7. Gently pour remainder of mix over other layer.
8. Pour remainder of Jello in a swirl on top.
Bake till lightly browned on top, a tooth pick will come out clean except for the bottom " when done. This is very good served with heavy cream poured on top. Yep it's a tongue beater!

Submitted by: Terry "Skinnur" Hall

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