Dutch Oven Cooking

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Brown Bears in the Apple Orchard

4 Large tart apples (Granny Smith, Wine Sap etc.)
1 Lemon
1 Box Ginger bread mix per 14 " Oven
1 Bag of large size marshmallows
lb. Butter or good Margarine
lb. Light brown sugar or candied Ginger

1.Coat the bottom and sides of the Dutch oven with nice layer of Butter or margarine.
2. Prepare your Ginger bread mix as directed, set aside.
3.Core and peel apples slice " thick place a layer in bottom of coated oven
4. Place a Marshmallow in each apple ring.
5. Sprinkle a generous amount of Brown sugar or candied ginger over apples.
6. Pour a light layer of Ginger bread mix over apples spread to cover do not use all your mix.
7. Repeat apple layer.
8. Spread remainder of Ginger bread mix over second layer.
9. Cut some butter (margarine) pats on top and sprinkle a good amount of sugar or candied ginger on top.
10. Your Treat is ready to bake.
With coals be sure to watch your bottom heat as not to scorch the cake. Serve with good ole homemade ice cream. This stuff is a tongue beater !!!

Submitted by: Terry "Skinnur" Hall

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