Dutch Oven Cooking

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Rosemary Cheese Pull-apart

4 cups Bisquick
1 1/3 cups of Milk
1 cups Shredded Cheese
1 Tbsp whole Rosemary
1 cup of melted butter or Parkay squeeze bottle margarine
( Knorr's dry Vegetable soup mix may be substituted for Rosemary

1.Stir all ingredients together till soft dough forms this may be done in a large zip lock bag.
2. Add some Bisquick to allow dough to be handled.
3. Knead 10 times
5. Grease a cake pan that will fit the bottom of oven.
6. Place the pan on a trivit or bottle caps or small pebbles to give an air gap between oven bottom and pan.
7. Pull dough apart gently roll into balls
8. Lightly Coat balls with melted butter ( dip and roll)
9. Start filling pan with balls and gently press together.
10. Make a mound of balls in pan. ( do not allow them to touch oven lid)
11. Bake till they just start to brown then pour or squeeze butter over mound and continue baking till golden brown. Everybody eating can pull themselves off a piece.
For a real different taste add sliced Klamata and /or Green olives to mix

Submitted by: Terry "Skinnur" Hall

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