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The Trappers Brigade is a special auxiliary group within the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship.

The purpose for Trappers Brigade is to promote Christian Service among the FCF members by encouraging their involvement and participation in service to their church and fellow man.

There are three basic steps of recognition. They are: Company Trapper, Bourgeois (pronounced boohz-wah'), and the Free Trapper. Points are earned in varying amounts for varying types of service. Twenty points (20) are required for the Company Trapper recognition. Forty (40) additional points (for a total of sixty-60) is required for Bourgeois, and a total of one-hundred and twenty points (120) earns the Free Trapper. This is sixty, (60) points above the number required for Bourgeois. Each additional thirty (30) points earned will entitle the Free Trapper to receive a numeral to be placed on his Trapper Medal.

To participate in the Trappers Brigade program an FCF member must be in good standing with his FCF Chapter. His current and previous years dues must be paid. He must have participated in one-half of the District FCF activities in the current and previous year. He must be actively involved in his local church and Royal Ranger Outpost. It is not necessary for the FCF member to have received his Buckskin or Wilderness status to qualify.

Service points are accumulated when an FCF member volunteers his time, (with no consideration for wages) in church or community projects, special needs or organizations, or humanitarian acts. Within the community where the member resides, he will receive one-half point per hour of service. For volunteer work done outside of his local setting, he will accumulate one point per hour of service, not counting travel time.

The emphasis of the Trappers Brigade program is to not only encourage the involvement of FCF members in the ministry of their local churches, but also to bring a Christian influence and testimony into community projects, needs, organizations, etc.

A District FCF Authorization Committee will review the points tabulated by the FCF members who qualify for the recognition pins. This is done by making application and being interviewed by the committee. During this interview the FCF Member will share the details of his service project(s). Pictures, letters, artifacts, items of interest, things learned, enjoyed, and experienced should all be shared when meeting with the committee.

Young Bucks (FCF members under 18 years of age) must complete the service under the supervision of an adult leader. This leader may be a Pastor, Commander, Youth Leader, Community Leader, Missionary, District Official, Project Coordinator, Coach, Parent, or any adult who signs the application verifying what was done by the applicant.

Old timers (FCF members over 18 years of age) may earn points in the traditional method (points per hours of service), or by supervising young bucks through their Trappers Brigade service projects. Five (5) points will be earned for the Old Timer for each step of recognition completed by a boy that he has supervised. To qualify as a supervisor the Old Timer must sign the young buck's application as his supervisor and send appropriate comments with the application; participate, organize and be a major influence in the motivation of the young buck's participation and completion of the service project; and see that the project is completed while the young buck is under eighteen (18) years old.

For the local setting within the church, projects may include such things as mowing the church lawn, serving as an Usher, a special assignment for ministry like Sunday School, Youth, Visitation, Bus Ministry, Music, Office work, Printing, Missions Emphasis, Fund Raisers, Clothing Drives, or Food Drives, etc., as determined by the FCF Trappers Brigade Authorization Committee.

Within the local community, projects may include such things as helping families that have been burned out of their homes; assisting needy people or children's groups; working at the hospital, library, service center, voter registration drives, city recreational facilities, juvenile detention center, Big Brothers Organization, or Boys Clubs, etc., as determined by the FCF Trappers Brigade Authorization Committee.

Outside of the local setting points are accumulated (without considering travel time) for such projects as missionary trips like A.I.M. (Ambassadors in Missions), Care Corps, U.S.O., assisting a Home Missions Church, District Campgrounds or, special projects, disaster assistance, search and rescue missions, etc., as determined by the FCF Trappers Brigade Authorization Committee.

Remember, all work for Trappers Brigade recognition is volunteer labor with no consideration for wages. The major emphasis is to put the Christian influence and testimony into community projects, needs, organizations, and humanitarian acts.