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picture of coin

This is the FIRST EVER FCFWORLD Medallion

The Medallions are brass coins with enameled paint, with the same design as the FCF World Patch on front, except the inner ring is brass.
The brass will tarnish over time giving it that authentic " Old World" look.
The back has a raised pad which is numbered from 1/100 through 100/100. The back of the Medallion is black enameled and there is a coonskin cap, and bass lettering with the FCFWORLD website address on it.

The cost for the Medallions are $30 each. (U.S. dollars) We only have 100 Medallions (sold worldwide). First come first served.

Limit 3 Medallions per order.

All Medallions are numbered on the back.
These are the numbers that are left...

Send us an email to reserve your Medallion, we will reserve it for two weeks. If we receive your check within that 2 weeks then we will send you your Medallion(s)

Send an email and request a number(s), I will send you an email back to let you know if you have it.

How to order... Please write you name, mailling address, city, state and zip code clearly so we can send you your order, if you are in another country then give us your complete mailling address.
Add $1.00 for shipping and handling.

Make check or money order payable to:

As soon as we receive your check then we will send your Medallion(s).

Some of the proceeds from the sale of these Medallions will go to the FCF Sequoia Chapter.


Brother WhiteHorse
I received your FCFWorld medallion today. It really looks nice, it is a piece of art work. God bless you and your family. Keep up the good work.
Jaime Luis Fret

Dear David:
Just received the coin in the mail a few minutes ago. It is sharp. Thank you for contacting us and sending it.
Steve Bell

I received my (2) coins today. Thank you for sending them right out. They'll go very well with my other coins and medallions. Thanks again,
Glenn (Sausquatch)

I got my 2 coins that I asked for and they were beautiful. I am at this time thinking of getting 2 more for friends of mine and as gifts.
God Bless
William A. Zerby

I'm blessed!!!!!
This coin and patches are awsome. Thank you.
Manny Echevarria

Dear White Horse,
This is a great website, with an even better purpose. I am glad that someone took the time to start a ministry like this. I got your coins and patches in the mail today and they look awesome. Thanks!!!!
Jason Bone