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This is the database for FCF Names.
Everyone who sends in their FCF name must have the rank of Buckskin or higher.

We hope that this database of FCF names will assist you in choosing a name for yourself.
We need your Real name, FCF name and your Chapter name.
At the bottom of this page is the form from which to send us your info.

Special thanks to Noel Bell (Spirit Rider) from the Daniel Boone Chapter for his idea to start this database of FCF Names.

    FCF Names PAGE 1

    Alan Lenzi (wyoming) Abe Lincoln chapter
    Bill Thomas (Two Lives) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Chuck Holman (Iron Buffalo) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Dale L. Stout (Preacher) (Two Paws) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    David Christensen (Grizz) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    David Sollis (Prairie Dog) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Fredrick George (White Eagle) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Jim Carter (Slough Dawg) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Joe Landers (Sharp Iron) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    John Evans (LittleJohn) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Josh Evans (TinPan) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Lyle Sentel (Standing Oak) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Les Wiles (Red Cloud) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Matt Black (White Hawk) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    paul amos jurevis (Corn Stalk) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Paul Davis (Eph'Phatha) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Randy Hermanson (Broken Knife) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Ryan Loucks (Sees The Dream, Dreamer) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Stevie Du Pont (Maai) Abe Lincoln Chapter
    Blaine Maloney (Silver Hawk) Adirondack
    Drew M. Popovics (Paddlefoot) Adirondack Chapter
    Harry E. Platt (Medicineman) Adirondack Chapter
    Richard Baldwin(eagle feather) Adirondack Chapter
    Robert Murray (Roadkill) Adirondack Chapter
    Stephen Mathe (Hollywood) Adirondack Chapter
    Dan Steverson (WildFire) Appalachee Chapter
    Dennis Molnar (Golden Eagle) Appalachee Chapter
    Don Fowler (Fishhawk) Appalachee Chapter
    Don Lee (Long Step) Appalachee Chapter
    H. Steven Fowler (Shooting Iron) Appalachee Chapter
    Kent McGregor (Cross Star) Appalachee Chapter
    Jim Kennedy (Grey Eagle) Appalachee Chapter
    Kyle Wilkins (Stumbling Cub) Appalachee Chapter
    Lowell Chambers (Vee Bird) Appalachee Chapter
    Matt Hyzy (Hollow Leg) Appalachee Chapter
    Mike Wilson (White Elk) Appalachee Chapter
    Randy Wilkins (Swift Foot) Appalachee Chapter
    Randy Youngstrom (Tupelo) Appalachee Chapter
    Timothy Cooper (LightSeeker) Appalachee Chapter
    Tommy Sherman (Digger) Appalachee Chapter
    Daniel Martinez (redfox) Azteca Chapter
    Joe Ruiz (Golden Eagle ) Azteca Chapter
    John D. Cates (Snow Bear) Azteca Chapter
    Tony Garcia Jr. ( Lobo) Azteca Chapter
    Tony Garcia 111 (little beaver) Azteca Chapter
    Aaron Dise (Pathfinder) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Adam Shade (Smiling Scavenger) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Alan Musselman (Fewwords) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Andrew Fluke (White Warrior) Blue ridge chapter
    Bubba Hill (Cross - Roads) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Ben Rainey (Big Fisherman) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Ben Shade (Healing Hand) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Bill Chestnut (Red Paddle) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Byron Wright (Wishbone) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Carl Hirner (HeartFire) Blue Ridge Chapter
    David Dise(NARAGANSETT) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Dennie Daniels (Silver Fox) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Gary Rothwell (Burning Heart) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Greg Crozier (Watchman) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Greg Rebbert (Sail Maker) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Howard D Sherman (Vigilant Guardian) Blue Ridge Chapter
    James Darlack (Hartsfoote) Blue Ridge Chapter
    John B. Burke (Squareknot) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Jordan C. VanNote (Flaming Arrow) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Jordan Van Note (The Descender) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Ken landry (BlackWolf) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Lester Hill (NAVIGATOR) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Mark Lee Shanks (StrongDefender) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Mark Poole (Babbling Brook) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Randy Sprecher (Silent Bear) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Rob Baxley (White Buffalo) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Stetson Jenkins (River Trader) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Steve Shirley (Polecat) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Tim Coburn (Black Bull) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Tommy J. Underwood (Old Hickory) Blue Ridge Chapter
    Victor Torres (2-BLADES) Blue Ridge Chapter
    David Christensen (Grizzly) Chippewa Chapter
    Keith (Many Tales) Chippewa Chapter
    Bruce Pepper (Hot Foot) Choctaw Chapter
    cristian velez (Blowout) choctaw chaptor
    Dillon Goforth (GunSmoke) Choctaw Chapter
    Eugene Bowman (Whitecloud) Choctaw Chapter
    Glen Carter (Broken Trap) Choctaw Chapter
    Hilton E. Myers (YellowKnife) Chactaw Chapter
    Jeremy Richardson (Fuzzy Cub) Choctaw Chapter
    Jonathan Edwards (FireHawk) Choctaw Chapter
    Kenley Byrd (Bull Minner) Choctaw Chapter
    Kenny Richardson (Fuzzy Bear) Choctaw Chapter
    Kody Harrell (Runnin' Buck) Choctaw Chapter
    Matt Carter (Mouse Trap) Choctaw Chapter
    Pete Manley (ScreaminPaw) Choctaw Chapter
    Ricky King (CopperHead) Choctaw Chapter
    Shannon Farmer (Buyllseye) Choctaw Chapter
    Thomas McCaffrey (Big Top) Choctaw Chapter
    Art Scott (Riverfox) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Bill Barberree (Renard Blanc) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Bill Black (Black Wolf) Courier de Bois Chapter
    Brandon Hatfield (Iron Will) Couier De Bois Chapter
    Brian W. Brollier (Bearded Owl) Coureur de Bois
    Claude Cawood (Old Dog) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    D.J. Rose (Bright Eyes) Courer de Bois Chapter
    Dalton Rose (lil Gator) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Dan Chambers (Wolverine) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Dave Rose (White Buffalo) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    David Hatfield (Kodiak) Coureur de Bois Chapter
    David Holbert (Golden Vulture) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Don Robey (Standing Oak) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Doug Hargis (Weeping Willow) Coureur de Bois Chapter
    Doug Rogers (Swampbranch) , Courier de Bois Chapter
    Erak Christofis (Fast Horse) Couirer de bois Chapter
    Jim Barger (Sr. Eagleheart) Couirer de bois Chapter
    Joe Cashman (Night Hawk) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    John Hembree (Many Waters) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Login Gerkin (Lynx) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Matthew Brollier (Little Fox) Coureur de Bois
    Pat Fortunato (Caretaker) Couirer de Bois chapter
    Remington Robey (Freezing Wolf) Courier de Bois Chapter
    Riley Robey (Charging Moose) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Roger L. Mays (Cherokee Songbird) Coureur de Bois Chapter
    Russell Rice (WICALA) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Tom Bender (Beaver Trapper) Courier de Bois Chapter
    Thomas Kurz Jr. (Tall Turtle) Couirer de Bois chapter
    Tommy Saccenti (M.O.G. Man of God) Couirer de Bois Chapter
    Bob Crowder (BraveHeart) Creek Chapter
    Bob Watson (Pathfinder) Creek Chapter
    Chris Craft (Red Knife) Creek Chapter
    Don Froelich (Iron Claw) Creek Chapter
    Frank Neilson (StandinBear) Creek Chapter
    Huber Kermit Johnson (HardRock) Creek Chapter
    John Robinson (HighLand Spirit) Creek Chapter
    Julian Smith (Music Maker) Creek Chapter
    Lamar Strong ( River Rock) Creek Chapter
    Mark Owens (One Eye) Creek Chapter
    Mike Lowery (Arrowhead) Creek Chapter
    Mike Wells (Howlin Wolf) Creek Chapter
    Ronald Coy Powell (Borrowed Thunder) Creek/Seminole Chapters
    Samuel Jared Johnson (LongKnife) Creek Chapter
    Samuel McCoy (MedicineMan) Creek Chapter
    Skip Terry (Blackhawk) Creek Chapter
    Steve Mathis (Dogwood) Creek Chapter
    Terry Wilson (Sweet Tooth) Creek Chapter
    Tim Gebhart (Pack Rat) Creek Chapter
    Todd Robinson (Burning Nest) Creek Chapter
    Tommy Cantrell (Trapper) Creek Chapter
    Walter T. McKinney (Panther) Creek Chapter
    Wayne Craft (Griz) Creek Chapter
    Bob Triphahn (Two Forks) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Danny Ray Chappell (Wolfeagle) Daniel Boone
    Eric Mason (wind dancer) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Frank Barnes (Blind Dog) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Gerald Haines (Flintlock) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Jack Lorence (Double Eagle) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Jim Fringer (Buckshot) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Jim Haines (Keeper) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Jim Ragan (Grizz) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Joseph Vinson (Totem pole) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Kevin Fringer (Bullseye) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Michael D. Harris (Bittercreek) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Michael Gamblin (Hard Rock) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Noel Bell (Spirit Rider) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Robert Benwell (smokey) Daniel Boone Chapter
    Ben Montz (In-a-min-it) Denali Frontiersman Chapter
    Chuck Niemann (Smilin' Coyote) Denali Frontiersman Chapter
    David Montz (Tatonka) Denali Frontiersman Chapter
    Edward Hoecher (Soaring Eagle) Denali Frontiersman Chapter
    Randy Montz (Dream Weaver) Denali Frontiersmen Chapter
    Robert Spencer (Squeekie Goat) Denali Frointersman Chapter
    Alex Ortega (Green Feather) El Dorado Chapter
    Aaron Miro (2 Beads) El Dorado Chapter
    Carl W. Gomez (Chilly-Willy) El Dorado Chapter
    Carlos Andrade (Little Fox) El Dorado Chapter
    Christpoher Andrade (Lion Eye) El Dorado Chapter
    David Espinoza (Brown Owl) El Dorado Chapter
    Eddie Barrios (Screaching Eagle) El Dorado Chapter
    Edgar D. Mejia (Soaring Arrow) El Dorado Chapter
    Edwin Barrios (RedLeaf) El Dorado Chapter
    German Barrios (Silver Blade) El Dorado Chapter
    Henry E. Molina (SilverHawk) El Dorado Chapter
    Hugo Aguilar (Quiet Storm) El Dorado Chapter
    Jerry Meadors (Three Feathers) El Dorado Chapter
    Jessy Menendez (Lion Heart) El Dorado Chapter
    Jonathan G. Sanchez (White Falcon) El Dorado Chapter
    Johnny Herrarte (Big Foot ) El Dorado Chapter
    Jorge D. Granados (White Claw) El Dorado Chapter
    josh aron palmer (hawkeyes) El Dorado Chapter
    Joshua Aguilar (Silent Owl) El Dorado Chapter
    Juan Herrarte (Don Juan) El Dorado Chapter
    Luis Bonilla (Bear Claw) El Dorado Chapter
    Manuel de la Rosa (Pinky) El Dorado Chapter
    Manuel G. Casillas (El Caballero) El Dorado Chapter
    Mike Valladares (crazy crow) El Dorado Chapter
    Serafin Chavez (Iron Eagle) Ed dorado Chapter
    Chuck Vigil (Red Fox) EL RIO COLORADO
    Clinton Lamb (Panther Eye) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Craig Lamb (Warbler) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Dan Lewiston (Timberwolf) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Daniel Bell (Starring Loon) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Greg Stulgies (Mulie) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Kenneth Wood (Dragging Canoe) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Mel Kaup (Son Seeker) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Richard Demoret (Silent Fox) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Robert Shoemaker (Bullwhip) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Roy Nakai (Sneaky Fox) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Russ wall (Tall Feather) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Steve Bowman (Kola Bear) Fort Kearny Chapter
    Bill Sisolak (White Arrow) George Washington Chapter
    Bob Plubell (Tracker) George Washington Chapter
    Bobby Plubell (White Buck) George Washington Chapter
    Brian D Williamson (Sleeping Panther) George Washington Chapter
    Bruce D Williamson (Talking one) George Washington Chapter
    Cornell Turnern (Light Arrow) George Washington Chapter
    Donald E. Sandoe (Winterhawk) George washington Chapter
    Elliott Bennett, Sr. (Red Eagle) George Washington Chapter
    Greg Johnson (White Eagle) George Washington Chapter
    Jacob Childs (Wind Runner) George Washington Chapter
    Jason Loffredo (Sitting Bear) George Washington Chapter
    John Plante (Sassafras) George Washington Chapter
    Kelvin Pier (Levi) George Washington Chapter
    Michael W. Carnegie (Old Crow) George Washington Chapter
    Michael McInerney (Two Fox) George Washington Chapter
    Victor l Kifer (Long Feather) George Washington Chapter
    Allen Dirksmeyer (Sasquach) Gila River Chapter
    Ben Howard (Gentle Ben) Gila River Chapter
    Charles Compton (Buffalo Warrior) Gila River Chapter
    Dan Beck (Pack Rat) Gila River Chapter
    Dan Olson (GoldenHawk) Gila River Chapter
    Dave Blount (oso grande) Gila River Chapter
    Ed Morris (Turtle) Gila River Chapter
    Gene Chewning (Night Sun) Gila River Chapter
    Gordon MacMasters (Bear Chaser) Gila River Chapter
    John Fink (Candy Man) Gila River Chapter
    John Hall (Not-A-Rock) Gila River Chapter
    John Williams (Key Stone) Gila River Chapter
    Jon Chaffin (carryall) Gila River Chapter
    Marvin Boyle (Solem Owl) Gila River Chapter
    Mike Rains (Kodiac) Gila River Chapter
    Nathan Hall (Loose Lips) Gila River Chapter
    Paul Craft (Three Stones) Gila River Chapter
    Randy Compton (Ram Hunter) Gila River Chapter
    Richard Goss (iron horse) Gila River Chapter
    Richard Lucken (Badger Boy) Gila River Chapter
    Richard Rawnsley (ThreeMinks) Gila River Chapter
    Robert Jimenez (Two Belts) Gila River Chapter
    Robert Krout (Leathereagle) Gila River Chapter
    Robert (Buster) Parrish (Horse feathers) Gila River Chapter
    Ron Ward (White Eagle) Gila River Chapter
    Roy Botterbush (Whistler) Gila River Chapter
    Tim Hamrick (Crawdad) Gila River Chapter
    Troy Stone (T-Rocks) Gila River Chapter
    David Sheats (Walkingstick) Hawken Rifle Chapter
    Paul Serb (Large Mouth Bass) Hawken Rifle Chapter
    Arden Frey Jr. (Sequoia) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Brandon Brooks (Praying Cougar) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Chris Robison ( Walking Stick) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft
    EJ LaRock (acorn) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    John T. Katerberg (Skippingstone) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Johnny Moore (Hat's-on-fire) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Luke Vandenberg (SPUD) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Ron Gamache (Thistle) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Terry Force (Artesian) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Terry Frith (Wishbone) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Tim Kirback (Medicine Man) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Zack Kirback (Bear Claw) Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter
    Jorge Caceres (White Feather) High Sierra Chapter
    Mike Valladares (Crazy Crow) High Sierra Chapter
    Paul Luna (Soaring Eagle) High Sierra Chapter
    Bob Killin (White Mountain) Hudson's Bay Chapter
    Phil Colson (wood chuck) Hudson's Bay Chapter
    Timothy Kuehn (Faithwalker) Hudsons Bay Chapter
    Timothy N. Thompson (Him reaches down) Hudsons Bay Chapter
    Andy Eubanks( Quick Silver) Indian Nation Chapter
    Andy Scott (Wompuscat) Indian Nation Chapter
    Dan Leger(Singe)Indian Nation
    David Burns (Big Griz) Indian Nation Chapter
    David Gideon (Turkey Spur) Indian Nation Chapter
    Don McCurdy (Empty Quiver) Indian Nation Chapter
    Don Paige (Lightening) Indian Nation Chapter
    Donnie Eubanks (Mavrick) Indian Nations Chapter
    Gary Martin (Hardtack) Indian Nation Chapter
    Gary Meeks (fisherman) Indian Nation Chapter
    Justin McCurdy (Runs With Wolves) Indian Nation Chapter
    Joe Cloninger (Cookshack) Indian Nation Chapter
    Kevan Martin (Wolfman) Indian Nation Chapter
    Loy Rigney (Tinker) Indian Nation Chapter
    Mike Leger (Catskinner) Indian Nation
    Roger Moore (Crawdad) Indian Nation Chapter
    Tim Leister (LEGEND) Indian Nation Chapter
    Tony Jenkins (Windy) Indian Nation Chapter
    Travis Leister (blueberry) Indian Nation Chapter
    Trennis Leister (marshmellow) Indian Nation Chapter
    David Allen (Lobo Grande) Jedidiah Smith Chapter
    Jim Chappell (Spoon) Jedidiah Smith Chapter
    Jim Ellis (Two Persons) Jedadiah Smith Chapter
    Josh Olson (Sparrow) Jedediah Smith Chapter
    Paul Hoffman (Golden Arrow) Jedidiah Smith Chapter
    Paul Hopkins (Hooting Owl) Jedediah Smith Chapter
    Raymond Del Toro (Torrito) Jedidiah Smith Chapter
    Roy Robertson (White Bear) Jedidiah Smith Chapter
    B. Wade Netherland (Tomahawk) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Dana Farmer (SHADOWTAIL) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Joseph Reynolds ( Candle ) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Lee Hernandez (RED DOG) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Lee Robinson (T-KUTO) Jim Bowie
    Manson Reynolds (Lighthouse) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Matt Raines (slingshot) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Rodney E. Eaton (Eagle Scout) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Shane Bernard (WINTERHAWK) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Stephen Spurgeon (White Horse) Jim Bowie Chapter
    Kendall Wilson (Beanpole) Jim Bridger Chapter
    Melvin (Woody) Woodard (Salty Dawg) Jim Bridger Chapter
    Anthony Goodwin (Golden Eagle) John Fenwick Chapter
    Art Galletta (Godfather) John Fenwick Chapter
    Bill Goodwin (Strong Heart) John Fenwick Chapter
    Bill Hodge (Coyote) John Fenwick Chapter
    Brian Omrod Silent Thunder John Fenwick Chapter
    Brian Petrow (Little Big Stink) John Fenwick Chapter
    Frank Earnest (Running Bear) John Fenwick Chapter
    Frank Schaeffer (Bigg Dawg) John Fenwick Chapter
    Gary P. Brenner, Sr. (Quiet Star) John Fenwick Chapter
    Garry Hollenbeck Longbow John Fenwick
    Jack Lerchbacker (Two Arrows) John Fenwick Chapter
    JIM ARGONDIZZO (CARIBOU) John Fenwick Chapter
    John Lerchbacker (Rushing Wind) John Fenwick Chapter
    Mark Dobbins (Hungry Moose) John Fenwick Chapter
    Mike Vancini (Moose) John Fenwick Chapter
    Robert Sanderson (Faithful Parson) John Fenwick Chapter
    Theopholus Mitchell (Stone Face) John Fenwick Chapter
    Skip Salmon (Ole Eagle Eye) Kanawha Chapter
    Ed Christiansen (White Buffalo) King's Pine Chapter
    Sid Bean (Wooly Bear) King's Pine Chapter
    Tim Hatch (Red Oak) Kings Pine Chapter
    Cameron Harms ( Black Badger) Kit Carson Chapter
    Donald Bole (Irish Scout) Kit Carson Chapter
    Fred Ladage (Swamp Fox) Kit Carson Chapter
    Jim Bonds (Bended Knee) Kit Carson Chapter
    Robert E.C. Doughtie (Running Elk) Kit Carson Chapter
    Robert Hamilton (Lone Wolf) Kit Carson Chapter
    Sam Wolever (Fire Eatter) Kit Carson Chapter
    Thor Johnson (True Thunder) Kit Carson Chapter
    Joel Hunt (Little Coyote) Lewis and Clark Chapter
    Ken Wallace (Travler) Lewis & Clark Chapter
    Rob Christopher (Eagle Eye) Lewis & Clark Chapter
    Allen Way (Lodestone) Little Big Horn Chapter
    Dana E. Farmer (Shadow Tail) Little Big Horn Chapter
    Larry Renney (Dogbone) Little Bighorn Chapter
    Marc Dyal (Running Badger) Little Big Horn Chapter
    Terry Campbell (Bushwacker) Little Big Horn Chapter
    Tim Daniel (Tote Goat) Little Big Horn Chapter
    Arthur Riley (Rollin Thunder) Long Horn Chapter
    Benjamin Broussard (Little Pockets) Long Horn Chapter
    Bill Stuckey (Shoots Straight) Long Horn Chapter
    Carl Davis (Many Horses) Long Horn Chapter
    Cecil Prewitt (Rawhide) Long Horn Chapter
    Clifford Stanfield (Slow to walk) Long Horn Chapter
    Craig Mayes (Doc Pillsbury) Long Horn Chapter
    David Evans (Two Notches) Long Horn Chapter
    David Hankins (Toothpick) Long Horn Chapter
    Freddie Bailey (Path Seeker) Long horn Chapter
    Gary Kessler (Patches) Long Horn Chapter
    James Orange Jr. (Black Kettle) Long Horn Chapter
    James Potter (Whitbalo) Long Horn Chapter
    Jason Bone (Golden Bear) Long Horn Chapter
    justin grandmont (T-Bone) Long Horn chapter
    Jim Sheets (Stargazer) Long Horn Chapter
    Johnnie Tarwater (Awo-Grand Paw) Long Horn Chapter
    Karl Brack (Sure o' Speech) Long Horn Chapter
    Lewis (Moose Jaw) Long Horn Chapter
    Matthew Reemelin (FOOTPRINTS) Long Horn Chapter
    Nathan Timm (Plez Tackett) Long Horn Chapter
    Quinton Wyatt (white Eagle) Long Horn Chapter
    Ralph Williams (Cody) Long Horn Chapter
    Roel Tambolini (Two Hawks) Longhorn Chapter
    Russ Martin (One Way) Long Horn Chapter
    Ryan Beaty (Manystories) Long Horn Chapter
    Samuel Mathis (One Mok) Long Horn Chapter
    Terry Suprean (Rising Son) Long Horn Chapter
    Tom Jamison (Johnathan Boone) Long Horn Chapter
    William Jensen (BraveWarrior) Long Horn Chapter
    Ben Richardson (Whitefang) Longrifles Chapter
    Brian Heitzman (Groundhog) Longrifles Chapter
    Gary Hicks (Broken Ankle) Longrifles Chapter

    FCF Names PAGE 2

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