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    FCF Names PAGE 2

    Andrew Reeves (Lionheart) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Barry Hollmer (Brother Bear) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Bob Seek (Iron claw) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Christopher Blanchette (Yappin Bear) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Dan Hodges (Medicine Bear) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Dave Orcutt (Song Bird) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Duane Wheeler (->A No.1<-) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Gary Kirckof (Grinnin' Otter) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Jarrett Hodges (Pathfinder) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Jeff King (Double Eagle) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Jim Cochran (Top Knot) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Jim Dempsey (iron horse) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    John Burton (Riverrock) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Kris Hoyt (two feathers) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Michael Peppard (Slow Beaver) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Pete Seilhymer (Fierce Badger) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Michael Kubisky (Smiling Son) Marcus Witman Chapter
    Randy Wright (Straight Nailer) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Robert M. Holm (Calm Spirit) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Robert W. Holm (Soaring Eagle) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Terrance McCarty (FireWalker) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Wade Peppard (Faithful One) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    William Burton ( Swift Bear) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    William Zerby (White Buffalo) Marcus Whitman Chapter
    Andy Ross (Iron Bear) Minuteman Chapter
    David Purdy (Cookt Goose) Minuteman Chapter
    David Sutton (Brave tounge) Minuteman chapter
    Denis Levitre (BIG SPLASH) Minuteman Chapter
    Keith Levitre (Little Ripple) Minuteman Chapter
    Michael Crowley (LittleCrow) Minuteman Chapter
    Nick Kuchta (Hungry Beaver) Minuteman Chapter
    James Coumparoules (bald eagle) Mountainman Chapter
    Alex Mattevi (Half-A-Rod) North Star Chapter
    Andrew Nast (White Fox) North Star Chapter
    Jeffrey Nast (White Raven) North Star Chapter
    Kevin Penner (Nanook of the North) North Star Chapter
    Rob Kruck (Lonewolf) North Star Chapter
    Steve Westmoreland (twoblood gudolbois) North Star Chapter
    Tim Bouldin (White Owl) North Star Chapter
    Scott Rathfelder (Smiling Fox) Ohio chapter
    Alan Sheridan (Blackfoot) Okeefenokee Chapter
    Darrell Crouch (Traveler) Okefenokee Chapter
    Glenn Pitt (RamRod) Okefenokee Chapter
    Jim Warfel (Keystone) Okefenokee Chapter
    Jeff O'Dell (MoMo) Okefenokee Chapter
    Nathan Crouch (Angler) Okefenokee Chapter
    Nathan Warfel (KeyChip) Okefenokee Chapter
    Rick Adkinson (Bighorn) Okefenokee Chapter
    Sol Greear (FoxFire) Okefenokee Chapter
    Carson Heath (Wondering Fox) Old Hickory Chapter
    Greg Buckner (Running Elk) Old Hickory Chapter
    Jarrod Mcdowell (Calm Waters) Old Hickory Chapter
    Jonathan Conti (Lone Feather) Old Hickory Chapter
    Kyle Lucas (Howling Wolf) Old Hickory Chapter
    Kurt L. Miller, Sr (Buzzard) Old Hickory Chapter
    Kevin DeVos (Peg Leg Cinder) Oregon Chapter
    Roger Lovelady (Otter Claw) Osceola Chapter
    Chris Goins (Bubba Bear) Palo Duro Chapter
    Alexander Fernandez ( Morning Star) Pathfinder Chapter
    angel lopez (salmon run) pathfinder chapter
    Boris Salgado (Silver Fox) Pathfinder Chapter
    Carlos Amedee ( Screaming Crow) Pathfinder Chapter
    Christian Flores (Kit Fox) Pathfinder Chapter
    Daniel Soler (Shooting Box) Pathfinder Chapter
    David Porrata (Sparrow Hawk) Pathfinder Chapter
    Delwyn Alvarado (shining light) Pathfinder Chapter
    Edwin Correa (Mad Dog) Pathfinder Chapter
    Ernesto Crespo (Eagle Claw) Pathfinder Chapter
    Ernesto Vasquez ( Faithful Coyote ) Pathfinder Chapter
    Felix Quinones (Prairie Dog) Pathfinder Chapter
    Jaime Vega (Badger) Pathfinder Chapter
    Jonathan Paredes (Sunshine) Pathfinder Chapter
    Jorge Urbaez Jr. (Little Bear) Pathfinder Chapter
    Joshua Torres (Living Water) Pathfinder Chapter
    Josue Vega (Vigilant Wolf) Pathfinder Chapter
    Josue Vega, Jr. (Mountain Ghost) Pathfinder Chapter
    Juan Carlos Nunez ( Running Waters) Pathfinder Chapter
    Luis Santaella (River Otter) Pathfinder Chapter
    Miguel Soler (Quick Flint) Pathfinder Chapter
    Neftalis Perez Sr. (Red Wolf) Pathfinder Chapter
    Rafael Caba ( Red Husky) Pathfinder Chapter
    Reynaldo Maldonado "Gentle Giant" Pathfinder Chapter
    Richard Garcia(Waterbuffalo) Pathfinder Chapter
    Samuel Bonilla (Strong Bow) Pathfinder Chapter
    William Gonzalez Jr.(Red Fox) Pathfinder Chapter
    William Gonzalez Sr. (Clear Owl) Pathfinder Chapter
    William Millan (Lighting The Path) Pathfinder Chapter
    Xavier Martinez (White Water) Pathfinder Chapter
    Yamil Jimenez (Long Knife) Pathfinder Chapter
    Annette Rodriguez (Dreaming Turtle) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Carlos Santiago (Happy Bear) Ponce de Leon Chapter
    Cesar Arana(Barkingspider) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    David Gerena (TraderDave) Ponce de Leon
    Elias Tavarez (FALCON) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Eliseo Rodriguez (Sky Hawk) Ponce de Leon
    Elliot R. Rodriguez (Little Owl) Ponce De Leon
    Jaime Luis Fret (Wise Eagle) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Jay Perez (Whitebuffalo) Ponce de Leon Chapter
    Jerry Lagares (Soaring Eagle) Ponce de Leon Chapter
    Jesus Lopez (Shallow Water) Ponce de Leon Chapter
    John Rivera, Jr. (Commander SharkJaw) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Joel Matias (Choking Cup) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Jose LaTorre (Loyal Warthog) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Joseph T. Quevedo (Prince Zildjian) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Kevin Arroyo (wandering armadillo) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Miguel A. Resto Jr (Wise Owl) Ponce de Leon Chapter
    Robert Gonzalez (gopher) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Ramon Hernandez (Gorilobo) Ponce de Leon chapter
    Romeo Arana (MyWAY) Ponce De Leon Chapter
    Saul Arana (Slow Badger) Ponce de Leon Chapter
    wilbert Carbonell (Sitting Owl) Ponce De Leon
    Anthony Hubbard (Black Arrow) Quapaw Chapter
    Billy Davis (HornetChaser) Quapaw Chapter
    Bobby D. Thurman (Hawk) Quapaw Chapter
    Brenan skywalker (bowbafett) Quapaw Chapter
    Chase Phipps (Blind Bird) Quapaw chapter
    David Clifton (Smoke in the Face) Rivermen Chapter
    David Rockstad (SIX STRINGS) RoughRider Chapter
    Jonathan Squires (HareTrigger) Roughrider Chapter
    Adam Hyde (Turtle Dove) Seminole Chapter
    Alex Hale(crossblade) Seminole chapter
    Andrew Mercado(Braveheart) Seminole Chapter
    Anthony Holt (Small Lodge) Seminole Chapter
    Brent Benoist (Tin Cup) Seminole Chapter
    Brett D. Pfingston (GOATMAN) Seminole Chapter
    Chris Chaves (Hardhead Beaver) Seminole Chapter
    Chris Keniston (Brokenshell) Seminole Chapter
    Chuck Graham (Lightkeeper) Seminole Chapter
    Clay Powell (Little Stone) Seminole Chapter
    Darrell Whitfield (Shining Eagle) Seminole Chapter
    Dennis Helms (Bullgator) Seminole Chapter
    Don Prescott (sequoia) Seminole Chapter
    Douglas Cooley (Morningstar) Seminole Chapter
    Eddie Velez (FIRE SPREADER) Seminole Chapter
    George Martin (White Buffalo) Seminole Chapter
    Glen McDonald (Wandering Wolf) Seminole Chapter
    Gregory Riley (Smiling Deer) Seminole Chapter
    Harold S. Williams (Thunder Cloud) Seminole Chapter
    Ike Fountian (OSPREY) Seminole Chapter
    Jack Emmert (Standing Feather) Seminole Chapter
    James Maltby (Growing Cedar) Seminole Chapter
    Jarred Mikell (Path Chooser) Seminole Chapter
    joseph O. Smothers (Little Spring) Seminole Chapter
    Jason Ellis (RedNukel) Seminole Chapter
    jeff henson (spotted deer) seminole Chapter
    Joey Browning NightHawk Siminole Chapter
    Ken Pfister (Curley Knotch) Seminole Chapter
    Kevin Covert (Faithful Fire) Seminole Chapter
    Mark Henderson (Stone Eagle) Seminole Chapter
    Pastor Ricky Gallinar (Big Eagle) Seminole Chapter
    Paul Graham (Firekeeper) Seminole Chapter
    Ricky Gallinar (Jr Eagle) Seminole Chapter
    Robert Ramos (Crazy Dog Face) Seminole Chapter
    Ronald Bennett (Waterfall) Seminole Chapter
    Scott Corn (WACKY WOODPECKER) Seminole Chapter
    Shawn Mcilroy (Tenderheart) Seminole Chapter
    Tollie Carter (Hawkeye) Seminole Chapter
    Tom Downs (Smilng Cub) Seminole Chapter
    Tony Holt Sr. (Leaning Lodge) Seminole Chapter
    Victor Powell (Whitestone) Seminole Chapter
    Zadok Mills (Longwalker) Seminole Chapter
    Andy Harber (Buck) Sequoia Chapter
    Art Gomez (Kneeling Buffalo) Sequoia Chapter
    Benjamin Harber (Pakrat) Sequoia Chapter
    Bill Akins (horse) Sequoia Chapter
    David Detiege (WhiteHorse) Sequoia Chapter
    Dav Green (No Knot, Know Not) Sequoia Chapter
    Duane Chevalier (Gray Fox) Sequoia Chapter
    Hank Cole (Lone Eagle) Sequoia Chapter
    Henry Gonzales (kneelingcrow) Sequoia Chapter
    John R. Caviness (Quiet Thunder) Sequoia Chapter
    John Privett (Ringtail) Sequoia Chapter
    Johnny Moreno (Tracker) Sequoia Chapter
    Jon J. Caviness (Turtle) Sequoia Chapter
    Jon Hansen (Top Knot) Sequoia Chapter
    Loren Mann (Hungry Bear) Sequoia Chapter
    Loren Shoff (Two Bears) Sequoia Chapter
    Matthew Barnhill (Mite) Sequoia Chapter
    Myk Garrett (Otter Paw) Sequoia Chapter
    Pastor Ric Wolfersteigkelley (MedicineMan) Sequoia Chapter
    Pat Riley (BearWaller) Sequoia Chapter
    Paul Emery ( Lil Stinker ) Sequoia Chapter
    Randy Miller (Gray Wolf) Sequoia Chapter
    Richard Price (White Tail) Sequoia Chapter
    Stephen Barnhill (2 Cent) Sequoia Chapter
    Steven Vera (Southpaw) Sequoia Chapter
    Terry Hall (Skinner) Seqouia Chapter
    Terry Madden (BearClaw) Sequoia Chapter
    Wayne Ledoux (Yellow Buffalo) Sequoia Chapter
    Barry Coburn (BearCat) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Clint Grant (Tinker) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Daniel Dillow (Steady Mallet) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Daniel Syrcle (Metalbender)Shawnee Trail Chapter
    David Swink (Dove Tail) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    David Villalpando (Grey Eagle) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Dean Huffman (Sharp Tack) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Gary Bierschwale (WildWind) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    James C. Spence (LightFoot) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Jearl Poorboy Sr (WAHBIT) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Jeffrey Hunter (Angus the Bard) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Joe Watts (Soul Stalker) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    John Flach (Faithfull Squirrel) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Kerry Mangum (White Wolf) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Lee Fogleman (Prospector) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Michael Avrit (Holy Foot) Shawee Trail Chapter
    Thomas Norman (Jacob the Choker) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Tim Avrit (Straight Stitch) Shawnee Trail Chapter
    Aaron Stringer (FireTender) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Andy Burns (Parson) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Andy Rosenau (Windbag) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Benjamin Brown (Tent Peg) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Bob Bole (Wrongway Bobcat) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Bruce C. Spaulding (Hawk) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Bryan Thacker (Lil' White Bear) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Chad J. Humpal (Wolfgang) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Dale Johnson (RunninBall) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Gale Collins (Sticks Himself) Sierra Grizzley Chapter
    Geno Plares (Cloud Eagle) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Rex Chaney (Miami) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Tim Mata (Runningturttle) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Timothy Brown (Dances For Food) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Verne Brown (Big Sky) Sierra Grizzly Chapter
    Doug Deisher (Iron Oak) Simon Kenton Chapter
    Evan Bussel (Eagle Eye) Simon Kenton Chapter
    Jon Stocks (White Wolf) Simon Kenton Chapter
    Kevin Holtze (Tailfeather) Simon Kenton Chapter
    Mike Curran (Running Wolf) Simon Kenton Chapter
    Scott Dunn (Redbird) Simone Kenton Chapter
    Tony Cope (Callin' Coyote) Simon Kenton Chapter
    Allen Moore (Sasquatch) Swamp Fox Chapter
    Kenneth Fields (Two Hawks) Swamp Fox Chapter
    Kyle Swing (Kiawah) Swamp Fox Chapter
    Mike Apel (Buckskinner) Swamp Fox Chapter
    Berje N. Yacoubian (Awnaw) Volunteer Chapter
    Bill Keserich(Warthog) Volunteer Chapter
    Bill Mapes (Crooked Arrow) Volunteer Chapter
    David Coker (White Dove) Volunteer Chapter
    Doug Kave (Talking Bull) Volunteer Chapter
    F. Wil Taylor (banjo) Volunteer Chapter
    James Humphreys (Dogwood) Volunteer Chapter
    Jeffrey Elliott (JD HOSS) Volunteer Chapter
    Jerrod Manning (Lazy Bones) Volunteer Chapter
    Jim Thrift (Ironhorse) Volunteer Chapter
    Jonathan Hendren (Crowfoot) Volunteer Chapter
    Mark Smith (Copperhead) Volunteer Chapter
    Paul A. Gallina (Graybeard) Volunteer Chapter
    Paul J. Gallina (Wildcat) Volunteer Chapter
    Ron Barnett (Drawknife) Volunteer Chapter
    Tom Throne (Wounded Knee) Volunteer Chapter
    Adrian Bonham (Morning Light) Cobb & Co Chapter
    Adam Fellingham (NanoStatic) Australian FCF NSW Chapter
    Christin Umlauft (Red Beauty) stamm 34 wiesbaden 1
    Lim Wen Kang (Lim Boon Keng) Raffles Chapter
    New Zealand
    Bryan Hayward (White Hawk) Capt. William Hobson Chapter
    Puerto Rico
    abraham castro (arrow head) Agueybaná Chapter
    Andres Mojica (Golden Eagle) Agueybaná Chapter
    Carlos Pinto (White Heart) Agueybaná Chapter
    Daniel Colon (Brawling Squirel) Agueybaná Chapter
    Daniel Castillo (Brave Warrior) Agueybaná Chapter
    David Soto (FOX) Agueybaná Chapter
    Fenelón Couvertier (Time Forgotten) Agueybaná Chapter
    Gualberto Sotomayor (Strong Eagle) Agueybaná Chapter
    Gustavo Rodriguez (dream weaver) Agueybaná Chapter
    Jason Walters (Moving Bear) Agueybana Chapter
    Javier Chevres (Valley Deer) Agueybaná Chapter
    Jorge L Nieves (Straight Talk) Agueybaná Chapter
    Jose R. Arroyo (Strong Figthing Wolverine) Agueybaná Chapter
    Juan Colon (Bear Foot) Agueybaná Chapter
    Juan Rosado (Eager Fox) Agueybaná Chapter
    Lionel Rodríguez (Heavy Eagle) Agueybaná Chapter
    Luis Valentin (Hageota) Agueybaná Chapter
    Manuel Echevarria (Seeker Tatanka) Agueybaná Chapter
    Mauricio Almanzar (bear of the mount) Agueybaná Chapter
    Ricky Elias (Moving Hawk) Agueybaná Chapter
    Samuel Saez (Hungry Hawk) Agueybaná Chapter
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