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FCF Song By John Eller

The rivers and the forests, how they call!
We're Rangers with our coonskin caps and all!
We wear the rugged buckskin, don't you see?
In the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship!

We're walking in the steps of Daniel Boone.
Like him, we're looking for some elbow room.
We'll climb the highest mountain skies to see,
In the Frontiersmen camping Fellowship!

Though winter snowy weather come our way,
We'll camp at frozen stream by night and day.
No wind can stop the pioneer we must be,
In the Frontiersmen Camping Fellowship!

The coyote howls across the open plain,
The sun is setting in the west again.
We warm by friendly campfire as can be,
In the Frontiersmen Camping fellowship!

Submitted by Jaime Luis Fret (Wise eagle)

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