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Pathfinder Award

The Pathfinders are men dedicated to hands-on missionary work in various areas of the world. The purpose of the Pathfinder's program is to meet a special need in Missions Abroad Placement Service (MAPS) construction: to go and serve where other teams are unable.

The goals of the Pathfinders Program are as follows:
  • To make possible propagation of the Gospel in remote areas of the world by assisting in MAPS construction projects
  • To involve FCF members in a tangible, personal accomplishment
  • To encourage others to become involved in a world missions benevolent service

    To particapate in the Trappers Brigade Pathfinder program, the FCF member must be in good standing with his chapter. He must meet the same requirements set forth for the Trappers Brigade. The member need not be in the Trappers Brigade to particapate in a Pathfinder mission. Upon completion of a mission, the individual will have met the requirements for service points necessary to become a member of the Trappers Brigade.

    In addition to becoming a member of the Trappers Brigade, the person who completes a Pathfinder mission will be awarded a special pin to be worn on his Royal Rangers uniform. This pin is to be worn above the right pocket above the Trappers Brigade pin. To qualify for the Pathfinder Award, the member must participate in a mission that meets the following criteria:
    1. The mission must be of the type no other group will sponsor due to harsh conditions, remote location, and requiring campcraft skills.
    2. The mission must be at least 5 days in length - not including travel time.
    3. The missionmust be approved by the local district office and the national Royal Rangers Office.
    4. The mission must be approved through the Missions Abroad Placement Service Office and have a project number.

    NOTE: May be a home missions project if it meets qualifications 1-4 listed above.

    Because Pathfinder assignments must be regulated by the MAPS Offices, some restrictions may be applied. No person under age 18 may go outside this country (USA) unless accompanied by a perent or guardian.
    The administration of the Pathfinder program will be conducted by the FCF field advisor in whose portfolio is Trappers Brigade.

    Below are some Pathfinder missions from other FCF Chapters, If you have a Pathfinders mission that you want us to know about then send in the info to: whitehorse@fcfworld.com and we will post it here.

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