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Black Powder Report
I want to pass on a few thoughts that will come in mighty handy for beginning muzzle loaders.
The first thing that you have to be aware of is the difference between modern smokeless powder and Blackpowder.
They are not interchangeable and the explosive properties are very different..... Blackpowder consists of Charcoal, Saltpeter (Potassium nitrate) and Sulfur in roughly equal quantities. Both types of powder are similar in color and texture so donít rely on sight to tell the difference.

Modern smokeless powder creates extremely high pressures that can cause catastrophic results when used in a muzzle loader. Donít be confused, use only blackpowder or Pyrodex in your muzzle loader.
Secondly you should always store blackpowder in the original container that you purchased it in. You can transfer small amounts into your flask or powder horn for shooting but afterward you should put the unused portion back into the original container for long term storage. Blackpowder should be stored in a cool dry location with the lid screwed on tightly to keep it from absorbing moisture and losing itís effectiveness.

The only approved powder other than blackpowder for use in your smoke pole is Pyrodex, a synthetic version of blackpowder.
Pyrodex when fired creates pressures roughly equal to that of blackpowder and has been extensively tested and found to be a reliable safe substitute for blackpowder.
Pyrodex has the added advantage of not being as corrosive to the barrel as blackpowder and it creates less smoke when fired.
Both Blackpowder and Pyrodex are considered class ďAĒ explosives and should be treated with the respect due them.

Remember that it only takes a spark to set off either blackpowder or Pyrodex.
That even means static electricity, care must be taken when transferring powder from one container to another as steel and iron and even plastics and glass can cause sparks and set off the powder.
The amount of powder in the average powder horn is more than equal to that of an hand grenade so it pays to follow the rules..................Fellers, it also pays to follow the rules that God has laid out in his word, he has given us his word to help us stay out of trouble.

Our lives are kinda like blackpowder, we have to keep impurities out, just like keeping the lid on your powder keeps it clean and dry. You must also take precautions to make sure there are no accidental sparks to set off the powder.
We need to keep our lives clean of sin and not let a spark explode and ruin our testimony. Follow Gods rules for your life.

Remember keep your powder dry and the Word close by.........
2 Cent (Steve Barnhill)

Black Powder Safety Rules

1.Know how to use your rifle properly before entering a shooting match or giving a demonstration.

2. Never use live ammunition when using your rifle in a skit.

3. Never keep a loaded firearm in camp.

4. LOAD your firearm at the FIRING LINE ONLY.

5. All powder horns must be capped or closed before firing your rifle.

6. During a shooting match, OBEY the RANGE OFFICER!

7. The muzzle of the rifle must be kept in the direction of the target or in the air until fired.

8. EYE and EAR PROTECTION must be worn while at the firing line.

9. A safety shield must be worn when a flintlock is fired while standing side by side another shooter.

10. A muzzle-loading rifle is a DEADLY WEAPON TREAT IT AS SUCH!!

Parts of a Flintlock Rifle