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United States of America

National Commander
Doug Marsh

3rd National Commander
Richard Mariott (Razorback)

2nd National Commander
Ken Hunt

First National Commander and founder of Royal Rangers
Johnnie Barnes

National FCF President
Paul Walters II

National FCF vice-president
Ted Schmidt

National Scribe
Tony Garcia III

National Historian
Terry Hall

Territorial FCF Representatives
Mountainmen Territorial Representative Tim "Broken Stick" Bruder
Explorers Territorial Representative Wayne Farrand
Plainsmen Territorial Representative Ted 'Oak' Schmidt
Rivermen Territorial Representative Ted Romero
Voyagers Territorial Representative Mickey Click - "LongHunter"
Riflemen Territorial Representative Ricky Johnson
Trappers Territorial Representative Randy Wright (Straight Nailer)
Colonials Territorial Representative
Paul Walters, II

National FCF Scout
Kyle Hulsey (Deadeye)
Adamsville, Alabama - Creek Chapter
National FCF Assistant Scout
Dan Knorr II
Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Regional Coordinators
Southwestern Regional Coordinator: Razorback Rich Mariott
South Central Regional Coordinator: Jonathan Trower
Northeast Regional Coordinator: Darren R. Geesaman
Gulf Regional Coordinator: Jim Seagroves (Night Owl)
Tennessee Regional Coordinator: Jim Seagroves

Chapter Presidents
Abe Lincoln Chapter PowderKeg Tom Huber
Adirondack Chapter Pathfinder Mark Hersee
Appalachee Chapter Big Thunder (John Foxworth)
Azteca Chapter Danny Martinez
Blue Ridge Chapter Red Paddle (Bill Chestnut)
Chippewa Chapter Wicks (Mark Futter)
Choctaw Chapter White Cloud (Eugene Bowman)
Courer De Bois Chapter Joe Cashmen
Creek Chapter HardRock (Bud Johnson)
Daniel Boone Chapter Mike Smith
Davy Crockett Chapter
Denali Frontiersman Chapter (Alaska) Shinning Moon Scott Liest
El Dorado Chapter (El Caballero) Juan "Don Juan" Herrarte
El Rio Colorado Chapter
Fort Kearney Chapter(Silent Fox) Richard Demoret
George Washington Chapter (Broken Lance) Mark Lance
Gila River Chapter Charlie Compton
Hawken Rifle Chapter Large Mouth Bass (LMB) Paul Serb
Henry Rowe Schoolcraft Chapter Artesian - Terry Force
HIGH SIERRA Chapter NPLAD "Crow" M. Valladares
Hudson's Bay chapter Bob Killin
Indian Nation Chapter Cletis 'No Powder' Coe
Jedidiah Smith Chapter Ted "Oak" Schmidt
Jim Bowie ChapterNelson Jones
Jim Bridger Chapter Mike Mueller
John Fenwick Chapter Bill "Strongheart" Goodwin
Kanawha Chapter
Kings Pine Chapter Moose Call (Bruce Paquette)
Kit Carson Chapter David Holden
Lewis & Clark Chapter Byron Crutcher
Little Big Horn Chapter Guy Tracker Foy
Longhorn Chapter Tom "Johnathan Boone" Jamison
Longrifles Chapter
Marcus Whitman Chapter Jeff King (Double Eagle)
Minuteman Chapter Pathfinder Peter Gilchrest
North Pacific Latin Chapter John Martinez
North Star Chapter(White Owl)Tim Bouldin
Old Hickory Chapter Kurt "Buzzard" Miller
Okefenokee Chapter Keystone (Jim Warfel)
Palo Duro Chapter Bryan Copeland
Pathfinder Chapter Elk (Fernando Fajardo)
Ponce De Leon Chapter Wise Eagle (Jaime Luis Fret)
Quapaw Chapter
Rough Riders ChapterSix Strings (Dave Rockstad)
Seminole Chapter guiding light (Rick Johnson)
Sequoia Chapter (Crazy Hawk) Ed Burke
Shawnee Trail Chapter Gary "Wild Wind" Bierschwale
Sierra Grizzly Chapter (Hoof) Bernie Stringer
Simon Kenton Chapter Phil Bailey
Swamp Fox Chapter Kenneth Fields
Volunteer Chapter Scrimshaw Dan (Danny Rogers)
Washakie Chapter

Agueybana Chapter (Puerto Rico) Samuel "Hungry Hawk" Saez

If you know any of the men in these positions or if any have changed, please let us know.

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