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picture of trinket

This is the FIRST EVER FCFWORLD Trinket

The FCFworld Trinket is now sold out, you may find one at some auction someday, you might want to get it fast.
I only made 500 of these Trinkets

Everyone wanted FCFWorld to make a trinket with a hole at the top so they can hang it on their FCF staff or around their necks, so here they are. I placed our FCF Motto on them with our FCF symbol; the flame and the five logs.
These will make great gifts for everyone in your Chapter.

The cost for the trinkets are only $10 each. (U.S. dollars)

Send us an email to reserve your trinket, we will reserve it for two weeks. If we receive your check within that 2 weeks then we will send you your trinket(s)

How to order... Please write you name, mailling address, city, state and zip code clearly so we can send you your order, if you are in another country then give us your complete mailling address.

Add $1.00 for shipping and handling per trinket.

Make check or money order payable to:
FCFWorld Trinkets are SOLD OUT

As soon as we receive your check then we will send your trinket(s).

Some of the proceeds from the sale of these Trinkets will go to the FCF Sequoia Chapter.